About Destiny Corporation.

Destiny Corporation Holdings is a Johannesburg, South Africa based private industrial holding company, founded in May 2005 by Nkosi-Yawo Gugushe, Edwin Kikonyogo and Vulindlela Cuba. Between establishment and December 2015, the company acquired and/or established, expanded, and later sold, operating businesses in the industrial welding & gases, signage, real estate, automotive, pharmaceutical and clean energy sectors.

 Since 2016, Destiny Corporation Energy (“Destiny”) has been the principal operating business of the group. Destiny is an energy project developer that conceptualises, develops, and finances energy projects in Southern Africa, on behalf of specific stakeholders. Once completed and commissioned, those assets are sold to AEP Energy Africa (www.aep.co.za ), a JSE Stock Exchange-listed associate of Destiny, which owns and operates them on a long-term basis, reliably supplying energy to contracted customers. Destiny’s areas of focus include distributed generation, combined heat, and power, natural gas and small-scale Liquefied Natural Gas (“LNG”), battery energy storage, as well as the infrastructure and services necessary for the transportation and storage of energy.